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The company develops and manufactures computer-controlled test and formation equipment for all kinds of batteries, ranging from batteries for mobile phones to automotive batteries to huge submarine batteries. But also for other kinds of electrical energy storage devices like fuel cells, supercaps and hybrid systems Digatron Power Electronics supplies high dynamic test and load simulation systems.


The company develops, builds, and markets fully automated machines for the entire battery filling and finishing area.


Acid-filling machine for pre-filling before formation, dumping after formation / Acid-leveling machine or a combination of filling/leveling after formation / Acid/GEL Vacuum Filling Machine for AGM/VRLA Batteries / Plug Insertion Machine, Charge Eye Insertion Machine / Washing/Drying Machine, High Rate Discharge Test Machine / High Voltage Leakage Test Machine, Final Terminal Check Machine / Final Air Leakage Test Machine, Post Brushing Machine / Post Greasing Machine, Anti-Static Spray Machine, Pin Printing Machine, / Hot Stamp Marking, Labeling Machine, Palletizing Systems


The company’s core competencies involve developing and building, manufacturing and assembling thermoplastic systems, containers, pipelines, devices, plant components and special constructions in the areas of water, chemistry, air and technology, as well as maintenance and service.

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